Chamonix speed riding: a sports experience in the Mont Blanc

Chamonix Paragliding

Chamonix speed riding: the Chamonix Paragliding School

Chamonix Paragliding School welcomes you to personalized tuition for the great mountain sport that is paragliding and, why not venture into the realm of speed riding too this coming holiday? Experts in Chamonix speed riding form part of our team of instructors and high mountain guides, who combine an in depth knowledge of the terrain and skills involved in this ‘new’ fusion of paragliding and ‘freeride’.

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Internship of Chamonix speed riding in french alps

Explore paragliding in a fresh and sensational way, as you take to the sky accompanied by your instructor or alone, feeling confident and competent following our meticulous instruction. We offer Chamonix speed riding discovery days where you will be led to your first flight by our qualified mountain guide and ski professional. No prior experience in paragliding is necessary to enjoy learning to speed ride!

Book a fun Chamonix speed riding activity day, a five-day beginner’s course or a five-day advanced course and look forward to a great snow sports experience during your holiday in the Mont Blanc. Feel free to discover more about our tuition style and the amazing departure points in Chamonix.

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