Cross and flight distance paragliding

Chamonix Paragliding

Cross Country day course around Chamonix area.

You are an autonomous pilot, you fly regularly under thermal conditions, frequently flirt with the clouds base and you have desires to go further.

Chamonix Paragliding offers a true learning to fly away, a real know-how.
We will discuss together, one by one, the key points of a cross successful flight.

Course open from 3 peoples.

Cross initiation Chamonix Paragliding Site selection from the general weather forecast and local wind conditions:
- Choice of flight? Preparation? What to think? What are the pitfalls? To describe a path on a map? Thermal zones? Know and understand the local air regulations ...
- Flying techniques: pathways, thermals, why drive to the "foot" sensation, observation ...
- Tactical flight: rise, transit, walk, temporize, to place, avoid traps, use its instruments ...
- Preparation: physical, mental, equipment ...
- Manage security: ensuring placement, identify "cows", analyze, anticipate ...
- Debrief the flight: understanding his mistakes, refine its choices, establish a line of work, expand their vision, explore its trace ...
- The flight of plain theoretical: technique, tactics, there weather, micro-upper air, the mind, the hardware ...

New: This year Chamonix Paragliding organizes cross country flights in Spain
The course is reserved for pilot with a good level.
Internship will open the doors of the flight in plain fantastic conditions for free flight
Book now to take advantage of discounted rates for airfare.

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- 150€/day Chamonix area.


- the instructors.
- the car lift.

Not included:

- Federal contribution and obligatory insurance.
- gondola Lifts.
- food and drink.

Period and duration

Period or practicality dates of courses planned:

- On demand.

Flight duration or course duration:

- 5 days.

Tryst place


Chamonix Parapente - 11 Avenue du Savoy - 74400 Chamonix

GPS coordinates:

45.925662337090799 / 6.8696308135986301