Intermediate course

Chamonix Paragliding

This is the continuation of the initiation course, the radio during the flights
will be more discreet to become mute. A silence that will open the doors to independence: the freedom of flying alone.

4 students minimum required to confirm the course. If not, we propose you: Refund, individual course or another date.

Day Refresher Level:
You did an initiation course, you have twenty or more flights but you have not flown since a few months, you have some experience, we offer this day of training hill for fitness trust or an assessment of your level ... After this step successfully, you will be ready for development.

Evolution A:
You control gestures during the take off and the landing? Chamonix Paragliding will accustom yourself to the flight envelope of your sail, the different approach on various sites, and technical analysis of wind conditions in order to make you move towards autonomy and prepare you for the initial pilot licence.

Evolution B:
You are able to take off, fly and land alone? You would like to have the autonomy to analyse the wind and the weather forecast? We can help you to fly more longer and using the thermals. this course will be for the pilot licence.

Sign up to Intermediate course:

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- 130€/day


- the instructors.
- the materiel.
- the car lift.

Not included:

- Federal contribution and obligatory insurance.
- Lifts.

Period and duration

Period or practicality dates of courses planned:

- All year on request.
- 05 to 09 April 2021.
- 31 to 04 june 2021.
- 14 to 18 june 2021.
- 11 to 16 July 2021.

Flight duration or course duration:

- 5 days

Tryst place


Chamonix Parapente - 11 Avenue du Savoy - 74400 Chamonix

GPS coordinates:

45.925662337090799 / 6.8696308135986301