Eden 6 EN B

Chamonix Paragliding

The Eden series sticks to it’s principles:
Change is the only constant

With the Eden 6, we introduce the new revolutionary “leading-edge-technology” to the B-Class. The completely new constructed nose grants the glider an extremely high XC potential. It transfers our know-how and experience from the successful Elan into the Eden series. The result is a lightweight designed glider with extraordinary glide performance that beats its competitors in accelerated flight. All this with a high degree of passive safety.

The highly balanced canopy is combined with sportive handling in thermals. Easy launching and landing characteristics have always been a Mac Para tradition and are being continued with the Eden 6. It’s new performance features, progressive handling and safety will convince many pilots in search of the perfect XC paraglider.

Are you an Eden 6 pilot?

The Eden 6 is a high-end EN B glider designed for ambitious cross-country pilots. The Eden 6 does require a degree of skill. It is certified to the EN-B category and you will feel safe and secure flying it. The Eden 6 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots. For those our Muse 4 is the better choice.

Information and prices:

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EMAIL: ecole chamonix-parapente.fr
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