Elan EN C

Chamonix Paragliding

Introducing the New MAC PARA Elan
You probably have a few years paragliding and enjoy a glider with advanced features to continue to master your skills. The new MAC PARA Elan delivers stability and state of the art performance for seasoned pilots that demand more from their wing.
It has has been designed to boost your confidence while still being able to strive to the top of the pack. With the Elan you can “Fly your best”. At MAC PARA we think of it as bragging rights to setting personal bests.
In addition to joining our existing line of MAC PARA paragliders, the Elan has extraordinary handling that is second to none. Its agility in XC tasks will satisfy the most demanding pilots.

Be prepared to log outstanding and memorable cross country flights with its exceptional glide ratio.

The Elan is the perfect paraglider for experienced pilots who crave an extra boost of performance and want to get more connected to their free flying spirit.
Choose this year to soar epic adventures with an awesome glider like the Elan. It has been designed with one goal in mind, to get you addicted to each and every XC flight.

Information and prices:

TEL.: 0661846150
EMAIL: ecole chamonix-parapente.fr
Maker: To see on the site