Sup air Eiko En B

Chamonix Paragliding

The Eiko is a perfect expression of Sup’Air’s expertise in lightweight equipment. Thanks to its small packing volume and low weight you will hardly notice it in the rucksack.

Its excellent take-off characteristics and forgiving nature are ideal for the recently qualified “hike and fly” enthusiast or as a second wing for accomplished pilots.

The precise handling and thermalling efficiency allow it to do much more than just float down after a nice walk.

The Eiko offers one of the best ratios between volume/weight/flying weight range in its class and is constructed with the best materials available.

It is EN-B certified across all its weight range.

- Only one colour in 2 different size 20 or 23m².

Information and prices:

Price: 2880€
TEL.: 0033661846150
EMAIL: ecole
Maker: To see on the site