Sup air Taska En C

Chamonix Paragliding

- More flight hours, more kilometres, more fun… such is the programme of the Taska, our EN C wing designed for cross-country pilots. After a lengthy development programme in which our prototypes were tested on all terrains and in all conditions, the Taska offers a combination of in-flight comfort and performance on a par with the best.

- As in all SupAir products, only the best materials were used for building the Taska. The techniques we used have produced a sophisticated yet compact and light glider for its class.

- From the outset, our team wanted to place the Taska in the middle of the EN C class in terms of accessibility while retaining performance worthy of the best. The result is a glider with exemplary handling, awesome in its ability to be positioned at will in the thermal. Feedback on the airmass provides the pilot with exactly what is required in order to exploit the lightest lift ; not too much or too little. The remarkable cohesion in the sail and its resistance to collapses will provide extra serenity when the air gets more agitated.

- During transitions, the Taska’s riser steering system – with a ball on the C’s and also linked to the B’s – helps to maintain a good glide by minimising deformation on the profile. The general solidity of the glider and the high useable speed make flying with the speedbar both comfortable and efficient over long flights.

- The feeling of efficiency and ease of use is apparent from the first moments in the air, with the “fun” factor to boot. Whether it is on the plains of Australia, the Brazilians hills or the high summits of the Alps, the Taska will help you break you personal bests for distance, flight time and most all pleasure.

Information and prices:

Price: 4190€
TEL.: 0033661846150
EMAIL: ecole
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