Nexus EN C

Chamonix Paragliding

- Homologation: EN C

- Impressive distances are being flown at faster and faster speeds - and in conditions which are sometimes very challenging. At the same time, glide, stability and balanced damping for performance-oriented flying are becoming increasingly important so that pilots can reach the average speed required.

Our response to these demands is the NEXUS - a cross-country glider developed for tough conditions, which is reliable, intuitive and has better performance than ever, whether at full throttle, or when gliding or climbing. And the rougher the air, the more it is in its element!

These features make the NEXUS an option for a very broad group of pilots, from experienced social pilots right through to ace cross-country pilots going after records. It is a true “all-terrain glider” for any distance and all flying conditions, which will also be appealing in pure racing.

Information and prices:

TEL.: 0033661846150
EMAIL: ecole
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