Neo S-ride

Chamonix Paragliding

Name: S-Ride
Wing: speedriding
Type: beginner rider to regular use + free ride basements
Geometry: 4/2 lines non diagonal canopy
Concept: easy canopy for beginners to advanced riders depending of the wing load used
Certification: load test 6G
Sizes: 10 – 11.5 – 13 – 14 – 16
Weight: 2,1 to 2.8 kg
Risers : A + B with 5 cm trimmers
Bag : delivered with NEO speed bag 50L + NEO fast pack
Main materials: Skytex double coating 42 gr, Cousin ultimate Dyneema, Technisangles 22mm, Maillons Peguet
Materials: made in Europe
Manufacturing: made in France

Information and prices:

TEL.: 0033661846150
EMAIL: ecole
Maker: To see on the site