Néo X-Fly

Chamonix Paragliding

– The foot launch, pur speedflying : The X-FLY gives great capacities to take off and land by feet, an easy access technical level and a big structural solidity in turbulences.

– Soaring and strong wind flying : The X-FLY ‘s concept and the trimmers use alow to adapt the flight to various wind speeds. You’ll enjoy then its dynamic potential, its precision, and its easyness.

– Speedflying/speedriding by skis : Taking off by skis, swooping the snow-slopes is a great fun. But the X-FLY has also some real Speedriding capacity. Getting contact with the slope, driving the glider on the snow is easy, particularly with the small sizes.

The X-FLY covers all levels from the beginner to the extrem rider, for all kind of flights depending sizes. See technical specifications for more details.

- Sises: 9, 11, 13, 16, 18

Information and prices:

Price: De 2080€ à 2780€ depends of the size
TEL.: 0033661846150
EMAIL: ecole chamonix-parapente.fr
Maker: To see on the site