Swing Mirage RS

Chamonix Paragliding

Speedriding / Speeflying canopy Swing Mirage RS is the evolution of the great swing mirage. The RS is Intended for speedflyers with a good level.

A machine for barrels and swoop, with a very good precision.
A very large range between maximum glide ratio and sink rate
Was security strengthened compared to the previous mirage
Accuracy, speed, maneuverability and gliding, all is here ...

sizes: PRO; 8.5; 9.5; 11; 13.

- RAST technology
- New profile
- Shark Nose
- Formatting 3D
- Profile, more stable with improved performance
- Lighter material.

Information and prices:

Price: 1595€
TEL.: 0033 661 846 150
EMAIL: ecole chamonix-parapente.fr
Maker: To see on the site